"This is a very fascinating topic and highly relevant. 'Voluntary Enslavement' is well written and suspenseful to read. Many interesting thoughts are explored and it includes a number of provocative statements. I believe this book’s main goal is to stimulate contemplation and in this respect it does an outstanding job. That I personally don't agree with the conclusions does not take away from 'Voluntary Enslavement' being a very worthwhile read."

— Peter Lichtlen, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"I finished reading your wonderful and essential book. As expected, it completely speaks from my heart! Furthermore, it sharpened my view and gave me courage to align my life even more according to this crucial and conscious choice you mention: what defines our humanity and how we live in and with our natural environment. That makes me happy. Therefore, I hope this happiness proves to be contagious. And I very much hope your book will affect broader circles."

— Mathias Kielholz, music teacher, bio-musician and permaculture gardener

"'Voluntary Enslavement' has genuinely something to contribute to the overall debate about wise uses of new technology. It is an interesting and thoughtful book with a nice flow and logic. The argument about how we as a society seem to unconsciously absorb and adapt to new technologies generally rings true."

— Peter La Chapelle, Ph.D., Professor of History, Nevada State College

"'Voluntary Enslavement' is an impressive work regarding a very complex and broad topic. It is shown in detail how technology has been gradually invading all facets of our existence. Light is shed on the phenomenon of technology from different angles, which reveals enlightening moments about our technology culture and how it impacts our everyday life."

— Andrea Christoffel, Senior Risk Engineer, Swiss Reinsurance Company

"'Voluntary Enslavement was an interesting and very thought provoking read. I found it to be well written, very well researched and for the most part, engaging. I applaud the willingness to take on a topic that is not always popular. It is much needed for the well-being and health of any nation, as well as the world as a whole. I enjoyed stretching the old brain while mulling over some of the ideas in this book. It was easy to go down many rabbit trails when I got to thinking about all of the possibilities. I really enjoyed all of the inserted quotes; spot on!"

— Chase Bell, Landing Craft Owner and Operator, Fisherman, Hunter and Carpenter

"'Voluntary Enslavement' is a very rich read and provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the complex relationship between man and technology. The book delves into a sophisticated discussion on this controversial topic and calls for a long overdue re-study and restructuring of our human relationship with technology. Overall, the book is well written, deeply thought out, and breaks down complex concepts in an accessible and digestible manner."

— Rocío Robinson, PhD in Corporate Sustainability, University of St.Gallen

"The thoughts and suggestions in 'Voluntary Enslavement' are valuable and important. In many aspects of our current technology culture a sobering look is necessary and in that respect the book delivers a lot of clues that are worth considering. 'Voluntary Enslavement' is well written and the very detailed table of contents provides a good navigation through the book."

— Urs Wiedemann, lic. iur., State Attorney

"I look forward to this book being a light to those who haven't had a voice or know how to speak out against the destructive nature of technology in the human experience. Thank you for being one of those instruments." 

— Ron Chism, Pastor